I Bought My First New Truck! (New Towing Beast)

We bought a brand new dodge ram 3500 and its a towing beast..
Doolittle trailer bit.ly/2ytCrLe
Parks Motors Dealership: www.parksmotors.com/
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  • Then it crash to a dear or what ever

    HatenoobHatenoob5 күн мурун
  • Whats the story with the 70s f150 in the background?

    AgeofPaultronAgeofPaultron11 күн мурун
  • Feel bad for the kid in detail lol

    Jeff AJeff A14 күн мурун
  • now 12 valves swap it.

    DynanixDynanix15 күн мурун
  • We share the same lady luck my friend

    Joe SchoonmakerJoe Schoonmaker19 күн мурун
  • God damn that is the most expensive phone charger I’ve ever seen

    Matt TheTelemarketerMatt TheTelemarketer26 күн мурун
  • Name it big dog

    Gg OnGg OnАй мурун
  • Congratulations on ur beautiful new truck! Clifford is gunna be jealous..lol

    Slingshot2018Slingshot2018Ай мурун
  • Dude this guy is just hilarious

    Fernando MancillaFernando MancillaАй мурун
  • I wish I was half this happy half the time, lol.

    phobos2k2phobos2k2Ай мурун
  • Big limdia

    vicki engebretsenvicki engebretsenАй мурун
  • Define hefty discount and what kind of discount were you getting to begin with? They didn't even replace the fender, but did a cheap bondo fix. That'll never last on something like that fender. It is now a used truck and I would expect a used truck price. If not, get me a new truck.

    AJourneyOfYourSoulAJourneyOfYourSoulАй мурун
  • Nexen tires on a brand new 100,000 dollar truck. Sickening ..

    Jacob KingJacob King2 ай мурун
  • It's so great to see how far you've come keep up the good work mate!

    YellowKomodoYellowKomodo2 ай мурун
  • Yo Westen, you know you can fold the mirrors down while you’re not pulling a trailer

    Alan GuzmanAlan Guzman2 ай мурун
  • I really like you r new tuck is very nice tuck

    Jeffrey MorganJeffrey Morgan2 ай мурун
  • Great knock twenty grand off!

    Master CylinderMaster Cylinder2 ай мурун
  • Little did Westin know, he would hit a deer and ruin his first new truck.

    CrankedUpCrankedUp2 ай мурун
  • Just thinking that the truck first main trip u played a game of chicken with a buck

    sunset lenordsunset lenord2 ай мурун
  • Time for some 5 inch turbo back dual mbrps

    DustyBoyz 69DustyBoyz 692 ай мурун
  • Weather tech floor mats

    Da BooniesDa Boonies2 ай мурун
  • Would of made them get me another truck from the factory.

    Eazy E95Eazy E952 ай мурун
  • I have a friend swearing up and down that chevy is the best truck to go with because of the motor and transmission. Please tell me his full of crap because that ram looks so nasty and clean.

    Ricardo C.Ricardo C.2 ай мурун
  • The only downside to that, is now it’s on record to having work done on the bed and if you ever trade it in, it’ll instantly drop 10% value no after what

    Jeremy MontgomeryJeremy Montgomery2 ай мурун
  • you dident show us the engine wtf brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raymond JRaymond J2 ай мурун

    Nicolas MezaNicolas Meza3 ай мурун
  • only possible in america XD

    TheMoroo96TheMoroo963 ай мурун
  • Name her blazing Betty

  • The salesmen trying t act all hard

    Raul BejarRaul Bejar3 ай мурун
  • jesus christ man!! put your tow mirrors down before someone see you

    Frogtoes DynamiteFrogtoes Dynamite3 ай мурун
  • Sell me Clifford!

    Clayton CrumClayton Crum3 ай мурун
  • Do Americans not know how to wear a fucking mask

    Ada.mp4Ada.mp43 ай мурун
  • That truck needs big chrome bumpers like a big rig

    Jace diehlJace diehl3 ай мурун
  • @westen champlin if you want to keep that truck rust free, spray fluid film on the underbody, frame in and out of it and in the rockers and bottom of your doors. I would start as soon as its new and do it atleast once if not twice a year in the fall before winter and in the spring time. Good looking Truck and Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Brandon LewisBrandon Lewis3 ай мурун
  • 4:20 Imagine Sam Elliott reading this while rock music plays in the background

    Simon Le GallSimon Le Gall3 ай мурун
  • Man this guy has some sense of humour...

    Discounted AdventuresDiscounted Adventures3 ай мурун
  • Western champlin wears your mask

    Joshua LovellJoshua Lovell3 ай мурун
  • That’s big Bertha

    Ethan RamageEthan Ramage3 ай мурун
  • "New"

    knaudiknaudi3 ай мурун
  • Looks like rich mahogany and leather bound books

    blake dismukeblake dismuke3 ай мурун
  • Call it uncle buck!

    Richard TisdaleRichard Tisdale3 ай мурун
  • BBC, big black cummins 😂

    Liam Van RoonLiam Van Roon3 ай мурун
  • I think I'm going to become a youtuber, I need a few new trucks maybe a new supra.

    DeLuxe D21DeLuxe D213 ай мурун
  • You have come a long way since I subscribed. Very happy for you. Congrats on the " The Beast"

    Ricky HRicky H3 ай мурун
  • I’m sure you know this by now but you can actually take off the carpet on the floor mats and it’s all rubber.

    Salvador GarciaSalvador Garcia3 ай мурун
  • Ew a RAM...? At least its not a Ford I guess hahaha

    Jake SlaterJake Slater3 ай мурун
  • Call it Larry, Larry the limited! Lol! 😎😀😂😆👍👌🆒🚛

    Anthony FlahiveAnthony Flahive3 ай мурун
  • Nick name "scrap metal" 💩

    Manuel PlascenciaManuel Plascencia3 ай мурун
  • BBD

    Jason matthewJason matthew4 ай мурун
  • Call it "big easy"

    Mr VeritasMr Veritas4 ай мурун
  • Him freaking out over a sunroof in his truck. I have a 04 F250 6.0L powerstroke and it has the same size sunroof.

    Brady DixonBrady Dixon4 ай мурун
  • name it waldfire

    Simon DouglasSimon Douglas4 ай мурун
  • Kansas City baby! You were right up 71 highway from me

    Anthony midwestAnthony midwest4 ай мурун
  • Westen: **Opens door and footboard drops down** Me: **Visual Confusion** Westen: The Shin-Hitter 3000 Also me: **Dies because of lol**

    Kristian NowakKristian Nowak4 ай мурун
  • Time to go to Cjcoffroad and get Carli leveling kit check out videos from cjc

    Russell MooreRussell Moore4 ай мурун
  • Black beauty

    Travis DeFoeTravis DeFoe4 ай мурун
  • U have to name it Lisa Ann

    Birk JohnsenBirk Johnsen4 ай мурун
  • Good choice on the truck. I bought a brand new RAM in 2018 and I love it.

    Camper HollowCamper Hollow4 ай мурун
  • You rich bastard westin I bet there a new property in the works too yee yee

    Kevin AndersonKevin Anderson4 ай мурун
  • Put all terrain tires on it good all terrain tires

    Joe CooleyJoe Cooley4 ай мурун
  • 3:47 Shin Hitter 3000 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CFW ProductionsCFW Productions4 ай мурун
  • I bought a 96 Corolla on January 1st. Big moves, tiny car 😂😂

    Mikey BuzzMikey Buzz4 ай мурун
  • This truck looks bent with the bed

    Louis DuboisLouis Dubois4 ай мурун
  • “Aw hell yeah, that’s a shin hitter 3,000” 😂

    Justin KJustin K4 ай мурун
  • stunning truck, checking it out like a deer in the headlights. All seriousness though sick as truck

    I Am [Aeterna]I Am [Aeterna]4 ай мурун
  • It's a dodge that tree

    Bobby campBobby camp4 ай мурун
  • Hey I’m personally a Ford guy my self but uhm that truck is nice.

    NxHartNxHart4 ай мурун
  • I like this Guy, he's just vibin. Great truck bud

  • Congrats on the new wheels but you Should have bought a superduty, not only is Ford a better unit the resale on a Ford is far better then any dodge around.

    Jason BakerJason Baker4 ай мурун
  • Who’s watching after the wreck?

    Eric PerrinEric Perrin4 ай мурун
  • You should call it BBCL, Big Black Cummins Limited

    Kaleo EllisKaleo Ellis4 ай мурун
  • And here I thought I was the only guy that would buy a $70K truck to keep from buying a new phone charger...

    tmh462tmh4624 ай мурун
  • Your crazy I dare you to buy a dirt bike and just drive over your trailer 😂😂😂

    Brian JimenezBrian Jimenez4 ай мурун
  • You should name the truck BBT!! Big Black Truck..

    scott krenscott kren4 ай мурун
  • Dude, I got my first new car and all kinds of shit went wrong too!! 🤣🤣

    K DK D4 ай мурун
  • 1050 lb-ft

    Kareem AbdoKareem Abdo4 ай мурун
  • Anyone lookin at when he damaged it haulin the raptor

    Demo ManDemo Man4 ай мурун
  • Name her Big black

    Edward DeleonEdward Deleon4 ай мурун
  • Sweet truck and trailer buddy...happy for you all! 🇺🇸

    West Coast RollerWest Coast Roller4 ай мурун

    Hunter327Hunter3274 ай мурун
  • I’d have told them that it’s getting a new Bradford Built bed before it leaves... 🤷 A Bradford wouldn’t have dented when you hit the pole. 👍

    Mitchell DeckerMitchell Decker4 ай мурун
  • Black Betty bro. Good content.

    77gubby77gubby4 ай мурун
  • Never would have taken it... get me a brand new one cuz this one is compromised!!

  • Wait till he takes the goose neck hitch out and his box will never be the same.

    Ivan Bradley-ReederIvan Bradley-Reeder4 ай мурун
  • Black Beauty

    cody allisoncody allison4 ай мурун
  • Dude, I LOVE your energy, subbed for sure now

    Dead Leg MediaDead Leg Media4 ай мурун
  • Congratulations. Don’t hit deer with it.

    Lettuce CarrotsLettuce Carrots4 ай мурун
  • i been watch ur video on Facebook put smile on my face keep great work

    William BoyleWilliam Boyle4 ай мурун
  • @3.58 was deadly. He tried so hard to keep that laugh in

    Jeremy SimoJeremy Simo4 ай мурун
  • Can I buy Clifford that is my dream truck

    Graison CraftGraison Craft4 ай мурун
  • I couldn’t stop smiling when he got the keys!!!

    John Mayer’sJohn Mayer’s4 ай мурун
  • You should jump the raptor with the trailer all way up.

    Chris GeesekaChris Geeseka4 ай мурун
  • And if your high we can put you in jail

    Rylee GordonRylee Gordon4 ай мурун
  • You should nickname it Black Beauty

    John GirvinJohn Girvin4 ай мурун
  • don't hit a deer

    josh dealjosh deal4 ай мурун
  • Black truck

    wheels hotwheels hot4 ай мурун
  • this dude is badass

    jarad rosejarad rose4 ай мурун
  • I almost died at 9:00 min😂🤣🤣

    Cool GuyCool Guy4 ай мурун
  • Is this the ho? This is almost the exact work truck I want to get.

    Nathan HovanecNathan Hovanec5 ай мурун
  • 2 weeks and have you dinged it up yet? :)

    Rick MarshallRick Marshall5 ай мурун
    • @JuanG_09 Just seen it.

      Rick MarshallRick Marshall4 ай мурун
    • Lol you've seen the newest video yet

      JuanG_09JuanG_094 ай мурун