The Cummins Mustang is Ready to Race

The Cummins Mustang is Ready to Race
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  • This is just awesome! from one Fatman to another, you rock!

    Todd WeberTodd Weber6 саат мурун
  • Whistlin Diesel Typing........

    Efrain UrsicichiEfrain Ursicichi7 күн мурун
  • How about a 7.3 Powerstroke Mustang?

    Lana ArmstrongLana Armstrong13 күн мурун
  • No one cares

    James CrudeleJames Crudele19 күн мурун
  • Are you even a KGflow’e without clickity bait 🤷‍♂️#fellforit

    The Andrew TuckerThe Andrew Tucker22 күн мурун
  • So basically you decided to pull out the Cummins out of RAM 2500 and put it in a Ford mustang. Somehow that makes sense but Ford has their own diesel power engine so why not spring for one of thoses.

    Autism With A VoiceAutism With A Voice23 күн мурун
  • Dont trust him he told me I won $20000 then wanted me to sign up on a site that has multiple scam alerts And never gave me my prize Because I didn't want to sign up on a site that was going to steal my credit card information When I asked him about all the scammer alerts on the site all that he said was it's legit 100% official he never commented on why there was multiple scam alerts

    Michael KurmitisMichael Kurmitis23 күн мурун
  • Please bring back the original 5.0 and build it to race the cop car and smoke-stang

    mlungisi choncomlungisi chonco28 күн мурун
  • "Look at all the fordness"

    guy sumpthinguy sumpthinАй мурун
  • Great VIDEO

    guy sumpthinguy sumpthinАй мурун
  • Goodbye Bi@%#%ahah love it

    Vasco HumbertVasco HumbertАй мурун
  • You have to come down to Florida for FL2K in October with the smokestang

    Devin ArrateDevin ArrateАй мурун
  • It's emissions tampering what it is

    Dave BarDave BarАй мурун
  • The amount of people who’s gonna get rain is insane from that car

    yuwannakismeyuwannakismeАй мурун
  • Need ALOT more videos of him "jogging" it'll go viral

    guy sumpthinguy sumpthinАй мурун
  • What's the spec on this motor bhp wise

    bobobbobobАй мурун
  • This vs That ?

    Andrew SargeantAndrew SargeantАй мурун
  • If it had a coyote I just don't understand this. But to each there own 👍

    Josey WalesJosey WalesАй мурун
  • Are thr smoke stang shirts just for you or can fans buy them too?

    MrHondaforeman1000MrHondaforeman1000Ай мурун
  • Use aluminum foil as the oil cap

    Micah WolfMicah WolfАй мурун
  • Not gonna lie your car is bad for the inviroment

    Maximillian CarruthersMaximillian CarruthersАй мурун
  • A kid should drive this to prom

    Lego YodaLego YodaАй мурун
  • Thank you very much!

    Kid LoveKid LoveАй мурун

    Kid LoveKid LoveАй мурун
  • I bet the torque is phenomenal 😍 👌

    Omega BluOmega BluАй мурун
  • u didnt even drive it , waste of time

    Extreme StuffExtreme StuffАй мурун
  • Why is it that I've never seen you on my KGflow recommended until 3 weeks after following you on tiktok

    FurryKFurryKАй мурун
  • cumstang

    I Drone OntarioI Drone OntarioАй мурун
  • I’m not that big of a Mustang fan but man, this thing is legit dude… Props…

    Diego MonteroDiego MonteroАй мурун
  • They're so happy with that car they're amazed seem like a very silly thing to do to me but it's his car

    tyn833tyn833Ай мурун
  • you should make the hellcat a offroad beast

    Jaysea67ytJaysea67ytАй мурун
  • Probably the gayest most attention seeking crap I've seen 😂. But sure is entertaining lol

    JamesJamesАй мурун
  • you ever thought about powerstroke swapping a ford ranger and calling it the power ranger?

    Caleb CaineCaleb CaineАй мурун
  • Put some self tappers in that bad boy🤣

    Luke HamiltonLuke HamiltonАй мурун
  • The exhaust shooting upwards is just for downforce

    זה סודיזה סודיАй мурун
  • You are the Reason they will pass the RPM Act you are ruining the diesel community please go hide under a rock.

    MrAllmotorBMrAllmotorBАй мурун
  • maximum uhhhh ...................... (silently) "Penetration" had me laughing ridiculously x,D

    KennykaozIIKennykaozIIАй мурун
  • The mindfuck that comes with hearing a Cummins but seeing a Mustang is indescribable 😂

    DareBearDareBearАй мурун
  • Cage next?

    DakotaDakotaАй мурун
  • Can you give me some links to find a body?

    ayouknowzyoutubaayouknowzyoutubaАй мурун
  • I hate stinky diesel engines, good anchors.

    Clifford HarringtonClifford HarringtonАй мурун
  • Y’all have inspired me. Imma put a 5.0 Cummins in my 2000 mustang

    marcuspurcillermarcuspurcillerАй мурун
  • I hate mustangs but this is cool lol

    ZuetriaZuetriaАй мурун
  • The exhaust tip came off 😂😂😂

    Gavin Maynor !!Gavin Maynor !!Ай мурун
  • Ok you ruined a Mustang now go ruin a Camaro. Make it right not bias.

    Lincoln LS04Lincoln LS04Ай мурун
  • Biggest car show in Mississippi is on the beach in Biloxi last weekend of June! Love to see this thing there! Outstanding work man!!

    Doug GrossDoug GrossАй мурун
  • How do you know this engine won’t rip the gearbox apart?

    Frans van den BergeFrans van den BergeАй мурун
  • That shit is funny 🤣😂

    The BeastThe BeastАй мурун
  • The only reliable Mustang in there lol

    Frbrbr GrblgrrFrbrbr GrblgrrАй мурун
  • Take it to race week

    Michael WieckMichael WieckАй мурун
  • cumstang

    liam johnstonliam johnstonАй мурун
  • Proceeds to take it to the track first burnie blows the rear fenders up with exploded tire. lol i hope not bud, i hate ford but thats kinda cool.

    WolfArcheAngelWolfArcheAngelАй мурун
  • You look just like the Stig.

    ponopa42ponopa42Ай мурун
  • You did it enjoy it Yogi....1000 smiles per mile...job done. Next.

    jeff hjeff hАй мурун
  • cumstang

    Boron ThomasBoron ThomasАй мурун
  • this need to be call the cumstang

    #506Clip#506ClipАй мурун
  • so fun. really enjoyed this vid

    John StricklandJohn StricklandАй мурун
  • You sound like John C Rylie with the helmet on 😂

    Domenic MDomenic MАй мурун
  • Love that car, great job!!

    Tom ChristianTom ChristianАй мурун
  • #brokenaxles

    Kyle ReinkeKyle ReinkeАй мурун
  • Should be in 10s with it.

    twisted1twisted1Ай мурун
  • Pretty soon youre gonna be putting cummins in lambos

    a 6a 6Ай мурун
  • If ford wee this they would make a much powerful one

    greenville mediagreenville mediaАй мурун
  • How much horse power does that engine have,????

    Benjamin medinaBenjamin medinaАй мурун
  • 1:47 "Holy shit".... 🤣🤣🤣

    a 6a 6Ай мурун
  • Hands down my favourite car on the internet, thanks westen 👍🏻

    Doing it WellDoing it WellАй мурун
  • Dude I dig the smokestang shirt and hat where do I get me one of those?

    Adaer HAdaer HАй мурун
  • choo choo

    Qwerty PoiuytQwerty PoiuytАй мурун
  • Cumstang

    Javier MartinezJavier MartinezАй мурун

    HeardGamingHeardGamingАй мурун
  • There should be enough room to run the exhaust out the tail end of the car right?

    DillonBets 69DillonBets 69Ай мурун
  • Awesome build. This is what it’s all it’s all about. Showing other enthusiasts how mental you are.

    thegatesofsleepthegatesofsleepАй мурун
  • never seen a car so excited such that it throws away its exhaust

    O SharqO SharqАй мурун
  • Can you please get a ford ranger

    Evan StecykEvan StecykАй мурун
  • What a cast of characters, haha every person in this video was funny.

    Kevin HibbardKevin HibbardАй мурун
  • With all that unburnt fuel how many gallons per mile do you get.

    MRCMRCАй мурун
  • Too cool man.. too cool. 👍👍

    jnez08jnez08Ай мурун
  • To much pollution not helping for global warming sad they don’t care

    luis yungaluis yungaАй мурун
  • We know the behind the scenes name for this car is "Cum Stang"

  • The trip to the Ford dealership was worth the whole video.🤣 Westen, you really ought to consider a side exit or full exhaust out the back to keep your windshield clean and water out of the hot side of your turbo when it rains hard. Just a thought.😉

    Dan WDan WАй мурун
  • Should race it against ken blocks 65 mustang lol 😂

    Siouxper manSiouxper manАй мурун
  • How am I just now finding this?!😂

    cole parzcole parzАй мурун
  • Bro you have to collab with cleetus mcfarland and his events in the smokestang

    Ashton StanleyAshton StanleyАй мурун
  • That run to get the helmet almost took him out.

    EvanEvanАй мурун
  • Good exits are the dumbest thing douche bags invented either do a bottom dump or run a full exhaust hood exits are stupid rain goes right in and you can't see

    Glory HoldGlory HoldАй мурун
  • Call it the CumStang” 😂

    Rodney Tillman IIRodney Tillman IIАй мурун
  • Soo when do we get to see it on the track? Most of us have been waiting since you started this project.

    Matt GodwinMatt GodwinАй мурун
  • Fire the camera guy. Worst shaky footage I've seen.

    Duane WeldonDuane WeldonАй мурун
  • I don't like Mustangs much or chunky motors ..but I love this channel ..subd

    Frank FergusonFrank FergusonАй мурун
  • Torque monster

    Frank FergusonFrank FergusonАй мурун
  • That's something you don't see everyday

    Loop JackLoop JackАй мурун
  • @337 speed on TikTok your smoke stang got mentioned got a pull ur baot with smoke stang epic nice keep rocking Wes from Laredo thx next to Mexico even us Mexicans showin love if that means anything viva Mexico!!!

    Keko EreKeko EreАй мурун
  • You need to race cleetus galaxy

    Brandon'svlogBrandon'svlogАй мурун
  • Just an FYI ArcticCat runs bigger than usual brain bucket does. i'm a big guy mine fits awesome but its a snowmobile brain bucket so it will be warm.

    Larry HagerLarry HagerАй мурун
  • I would say you made my night but honestly you made my whole life with this vid. Thank you.

    Mitchell PilkinsMitchell PilkinsАй мурун
  • Bet it goes faster without his lard ass in it

    No idea What's my name isNo idea What's my name isАй мурун
  • Dumb cameraman keeps shaking the eff!#g camera. Focus that camera on what I want to see

    ꧁Godlove V.꧂꧁Godlove V.꧂Ай мурун
  • That “holy shieett “ that old guy made when he lifted the hood came from his stomach fellas

    SirPackAGlockSirPackAGlockАй мурун
  • This has 0 dislikes.

    Ugly FxxxUgly FxxxАй мурун
  • Could be issues with the rear end staying down given the huge weight in front, may unfortunately require a spoiler

    ChanoPokesChanoPokesАй мурун